Whitening Lightning Lighted Lip Gloss


I’m not necessarily the biggest fan of lipsticks/lip glosses. I’ve always been more of a lip gloss“natural” look kind of gal- the less makeup I must deal with, the better. However, when I heard about Whitening Lightning Lighted Lip Gloss, I have to admit, I was pretty excited!

This lip gloss is amazing! It has collagen peptides that increase lip volume and decrease lip wrinkles. You can find them in beautiful colors ranging from light peaches and pinks to bolder bronze. The best part about it is the little mirror on the side and the light that is in the wand. You don’t have to worry about putting it on in poorly lit conditions. (If you look closely at the picture, you can see the little lights in the lid!)

I have the color Rose Hill. It’s a beautiful pink that gives me the perfect hint of color. I keep mine with me at all times and love to show everyone! This lip gloss is definitely something you’ll want in your makeup bag (or evening bag when you go out).

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