Wheresie Child Safety Smart Clip


As a parent, you want to be able to protect your child from harm, right? However, you see news reports all the time about children being left in cars and children drowning. The statistics are alarming and show how easy it is for preventable accidents to happen at any time and anywhere, and to anyone. This product was created to offer assistance in preventing these tragedies.

Did you know:

  • According to kidsancars.org, 38 children die every year from heat stroke after being trapped inside a vehicle on a hot day. That’s one child every nine days! Around 30% of those are because the child got out of the house without a caregiver noticing and got in the car.
  • 75% of children who drown are toddlers between the ages of one and three years old. 77% of children involved in drowning accidents were missing for only 5 minutes- or LESS!

These statistics are alarming! So, what is a parent to do in order to protect their little one from accidents?

The answer: Wheresie!

Wheresie is: “the smart clip that monitors your child’s safety!” (www.wheresie.com)

It is a waterproof clip- because we all know how messy kids can get- that pairs directly with your I-Phone. You can download an app that works with the clip to monitor the location of your kids.

Simply download the app, which will be available soon on the app store- and link it to your clip. Yes, you can run multiple Wheresie clips on the same app. You can also add approved caregivers to a list in the app. When you drop your child off with the caregiver, you can transfer the monitoring of the device to them.

If a caregiver is in charge of your children, you can easily look on your app and see who is with them and where they are without having to call or text to check in.

Right now, the app and device are only compatible with I-Phone, and there is only one working prototype. However, together, we can help the developers expand the availability and to get this device on the market.

Simply visit their website, (www.wheresie.com) and donate today! You can donate as little or as much as you would like. Every little bit helps! After all, isn’t the safety of our children worth it?

Also, check out their social media pages:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wheresie

Twitter: https://twitter.com/wheresie

Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/118206781381503005681/posts

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/wheresie






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