We’re raising $1,000 for Down Syndrome Awareness- Find Out How Your Group can Raise $1,000 with Johnsonville and PearUp!


johnsonville-brat-imageThis is a sponsored post. All money raised from this post will be donated to Down Syndrome Alabama, to promote Awareness, Acceptance, and Advocacy.

Down Syndrome Alabama believes that individuals with Down Syndrome are exceptional and can and will be able to excel in our communities, with our help. Together, we will be able to make their world a much brighter and happier place.


This is my perfectly sweet bonus son, Nathan. He has Down Syndrome. We love him and he loves everyone. He has so much love to give- and thankfully, we have been blessed to be surrounded by many people who love him back.

Though we have been blessed so far, the truth is, he- as well as countless others who have Down Syndrome- will be faced with many challenges during their lives.

That’s why I was so excited when I found out about Pear’s Johnsonville Charity Sponsorship Program. With your help, we will be able to raise up to $1,000 for DSA to promote Awareness, Acceptance, and Advocacy for people like Nathan. Pear is a fundraising site that connects corporate sponsors to provide donations of cash, custom t-shirts, catering/food, and even products/services. With Johnsonville behind them, a group can very easily raise $1,000 for their 501c3 organization by harnessing the power of community.

Here is more information regarding the program:

If you have one of the following types of groups, you can qualify for Pear’s Johnsonville Charity Sponsorship Program :

  • School (K-12) group or event
  • Sports team, league or event (non-school)
  • Not-for-profit or cause-based group or event
  • All other types of group or event
  • College group or event
  • Family reunions
  • Age range(s): 13-17, 18-24, 25-35, 36-54, 55+

Remember that you have the opportunity to raise up to $1,000 towards your charity and they can keep whatever is earned, even if it’s less than $1,000!! The program is completely free and takes about ten minutes to get all set up!

The best part is, if you use this link to sign up, Johnsonville will put an extra $50 into your Pear!! So, go to PearUp now and create your own fundraising campaign!



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