Viva Vantage® and Walmart are here to help make your cleaning jobs and everyday messes easier.

IMG_6605As a stay at home Mom I clean up messes every day.  Sometimes I buy generic paper towels and they just don’t work that great.  I had the opportunity to purchase and review  Viva® Vantage at Walmart. I can even scrub with these paper towels and they don’t break up into pieces.

These Viva® Vantage from Walmart were not even that much more expensive with a coupon.  I use paper towels all day.  To clean the kitchen, to clean up spills, and to wipe things try.  With a toddler I clean many faces, hands, and spills on the table.


I have my little one clean up messes too.  She likes to stretch these paper towels.  They are so strong that they work for her too.  This makes a little less mess for me.

Have you tried these paper towels yet?  What is your favorite brand?

Do you know you can get free shipping and have paper towels delivered right to your house!  Why not!  Buy them from Walmart.  Have you ever bought paper towels online?

Not everyone has a spot to do this in their house.  We have a closet in our kitchen that was a great spot to hang out paper towels.

Attaching the shoe rack to the ceiling was a little difficult.  I added two screws to the ceiling, adding a string across, then hung up the shoe rack.

The towels were a tight squeeze but this works great!  I also can see how many are left to know when to get more when I go shopping at Walmart.  You can pick up the shoe rack there too!

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