Time Saving Essentials for the Everyday Woman

I received an exciting package for my honest opinion of the following products. I fully believe that these 4 products should be added to every woman’s daily beauty routine.

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Save a couple steps in your routine each morning with kms california FREE SHAPE quick blow dry ($21, kmscalifornia.com). Speeding up drying time up to 50% and providing heat protection, it will reduces friction while conditioning lightly. So even if you sleep past your alarm you will able to get ready before you need to leave the house!

Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Lip Stain and Shine ($22, josiemarancosmetics.com) a double-ended lip stain and gloss that work to hydrate lips. Packed with Coconut Water for 14-hour color and cooling hydration, the stain saturates lips with long-wear pigment while the color-matching, argan-infused gloss creates a pop of shine and antioxidant-rich moisture.

Continue your look with Avon Big & False Lash Mascara ($9, avon.com). Sweep on from root to tip to double the volume for more glamourous lashes. The exclusively designed brush follows the natural curve of your eye to get to the root of your lash line. Giving you long lasting lashes for however late your day goes!

For when you are on the go, keep your hands silky smooth with Molton Brown Coco & Sandalwood Replenishing Hand Cream ($15, moltonbrown.com). It’s the perfect little luxurious gift for those who like to look after their hands. Give yourself a break from the stressful day and sink away to a tropical place with  luxurious replenishing hand cream blended with white truffle and Filipino coconut extract.


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Spray onto towel-dried hair as a last step before blow drying. Style as usual.

After shaking the bottle well, I sprayed this on my wet hair, and noticed the scent, a light and clean grape fragrance. I liberally distributed it throughout my hair focusing on the under layers and ends. I tried to avoid my roots out of fear of them later looking greasy. I blow dried as usual, and was seriously impressed at how quickly my hair dried. Normally I have to separate my hair into sections to make sure all of the under layers are dry, but I was able to skip that step! After drying, I curled my hair and I noticed that it was soft and shiny, and did not look or feel greasy/oily at all. My ends felt moisturized and my hair also smelled nice, definitely better than how my hair usually smells after I use hot tools on it.


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Wear the stain and gloss together or alone. Always apply the Coconut Watercolor Lip Stain to clean dry lips. Once the stain has dried on the lips, apply the gloss for a beautiful patent finish.

This lip stain exceeded my expectations in a lip color. I am not a huge lipstick fan, but when I do choose to wear a lip color, I typically find that I dislike the thickness of the lipstick, and am annoyed when I have to keep reapplying it after the color wears off. This coconut lip stain is completely different. It is so thin going on that you think just water is being applied to your lips. It dries quickly, and stains your lips for hours- so there is no need to reapply! The coordinating gloss is a great shine booster. I have worn the lip stain with and without the gloss, and I will say that I prefer without so it feels like I’m not wearing anything on my lips. I don’t leave a lipstick/lipgloss print on my cups/glasses, or husband’s lips 😉


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Clump-smudge-flake-free. Sweat and waterproof. Hypoallergenic. Suitable for contact lens wearers

This mascara is one of my favorites. I am a person who applies lots of coats of mascara to their lashes for volume since my lashes are thin and blonde. Less coats were necessary to achieve my desired lash thickness, and when I did apply more coats, it did not clump like other mascaras tend to do after multiple layers of application. My lashes were thick, deep black, long, and separated from one another. Big & False stayed on my lashes all day, and at no point did I feel the need to reapply. When it came time to wash it off, it was not like typical waterproof mascara. I did not have to scrub my lashes in order to get the mascara off. It came off easily when I used my makeup remover (pure coconut oil).


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The fragrance
Top note: Blissful Coconut.
Middle note: Jasmine.
Base note: Uplifting Sandalwood.
Extract of Coconut Fruit

The scent is wonderful. You definitely smell the coconut without it being overpowering, and it mixes well with the other soothing “woody” sandalwood scent. It definitely reminds me of relaxing at a beach underneath a palm tree. The consistency of the lotion is a cream, rather than a lotion, since lotions tend to be more watered down. This is more of a thick cream, which I love, because it moisturizes my hands for a longer period of time without having to be reapplied, as regular lotion does.

I ABSOLUTELY recommend that these products to be integrated into your everyday beauty routine! They are good quality products that help you save time whether it be while getting ready, or simply not having to reapply your lip color, mascara, or lotion throughout the day.

Do you have any time-saving beauty tips?

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