Things to Know to Save Money While you Travel

thWhen you book a trip you pay large sum of money up front.  Then when you start your trip you can get nicked and dimes along the way.  You can spend large amount of money after you leave the house.  Well a small leak can sink a big ship.  Here are some tips to remember to keep money in your pocket after you leave the house. 


1. Make Coffee in Your Hotel Room or at Home

Many hotels offer free coffee in the room or the lobby.  You can also bring your own French press to make your own coffee if you are a coffee drinker.

2. Eat Breakfast at the Hotel

Eating breakfast at the place you are staying can save you time to sightseeing and money.  Sometimes they only offer breakfast at a specific time.  Make sure to set an alarm so you can get up in time to eat at the hotel.

3. Pack a Lunch

4. Bring a Bottle For Water

5. Pack Bottles of Water

If you are going to a place without water you may want to bring your own water bottles.  Bringing these bottles with you may save $4 a bottle at a torist attraction.

5. Pack Snacks


6. Create a Packing List

The reason you should create a packing list is so you can remember to pack things are expensive.  For example you may want to purchase expensive suntan lotion before you leave so you don’t have to buy it while you are traveling which may be more expensive.


7. Take Public Transportation

When you get to a destination there are many ways to get to the next place you are going.  You could take a taxi or you can take public transportation.

8. Take Transportation with Others

When going to a destination if you go with others who are going to the same place.  We wanted to go to a beach that cost $30 for each person to go by taxi if there was only two of us going.  We found 3 other groups going to the same destination.  We only had to pay $10 each to get to the same place.


9. Walk


10. Download Free Books on Kindle

Free amazon books and library free books are available.  27. Find free fun. Chances are there is a festival or some sort of free event happening in your town or a short drive away. Scour your local paper, parent magazines and circulars. See what is out there that can cost you nothing, or at least next to nothing.

11. Stop By a McDonalds For Coupons

McDonals usually has area attraction coupons for places you want to go.  Even if you don’t purchase something that McDonalds you can stop by for coupons.


12. Use Credit Cards

13. Create Gifts for Others

Instead of buying gifts for your friends and family you can make gifts.  Collect some sand and add it to small bottles when you get home.  Pick up some shells or coral from the beach.  Find a piece of beautiful drift wood or sea glass.  These personal gifts are memorable, don’t cost anything, and give you something to look for while you are traveling.

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