The Funny Easter Bunny Review

 The Funny Easter Bunny
I was so excited when this book and animal came in the mail.  The packaging is a great.  This would be great for an Easter basket.  My daughter was so excited when I gave it to her to open.  She got to hold the bunny as I read the book.  I can not wait until Easter to read this book again with her.  A great tradition for our family.  Thank you!

Each book is $24.95.  Others are also available.

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ABOUT The Funny Easter Bunny
The Funny Easter Bunny is an Easter tradition that is ten days of pure fun! Ten days before Easter, The Funny Easter Bunny will greet the reader , and he/she will need to give the  bunny a name. The bunny watches over the child to make sure they behave. If they do, the bunny will take one egg from the basket and “hide” it every night until Easter morning. On Easter morning, the reader will receive a special card in his/her basket with just one hint written on it. It will either say “Inside” or “Outside” telling them where the Easter egg hunt will be held. Can you guess what it will be? This holiday tradition is bound to be fun for everyone, and the book explains exactly how this tradition works in a kid friendly, poetic way.
Your Easter tradition includes:
*The Funny Easter Bunny hardcover book
*A plush toy bunny
*Two cards (saying “Inside” and “Outside”)

About the Creator:

About Me

My name is Priscilla York. I am the owner, creator, and author of The Funny Easter Bunny and The Halloween Happening. I am a stay-at-home mother and a wife of an active duty marine. I take pride in being a mother and wife, and holiday traditions are moments I cherish with my family. I hope to bring new holiday traditions to you and your family, too.

My Story

Before becoming a mom, I would daydream about the traditions I would do with my children one day. It was always centered around being together as a family and creating excitement, anticipation, and fun before the holidays. Now that I have my little sweetheart, I can start to enjoy those traditions with him. But, we do have to be honest with each other, and I think any parent would agree, our little sweethearts are not always so sweet. That is why I created my books to help with good behavior while also creating new holiday traditions.

My Inspiration

With my husband being an active duty marine, he’s not around all the time. There are going to be birthdays or holidays missed, which is one of the reasons I came up with these traditions to hopefully, if he’s away, keep that excitement during a holiday. My son is personally very partial to his daddy, so creative traditions like The Funny Easter Bunny and The Halloween Happening shall take his mind off of missing his daddy.

Giving Back

Because I believe in creating traditions with your family and sharing memories you’ll never forget, I hope The Funny Easter Bunny and The Halloween Happeningcan bring your family memories you can cherish with your children for a lifetime. Enjoy!

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