The Artis Elite Smoke 5 Brush Set


The Artis Elite Smoke 5 Brush Set offers a more experienced makeup user a great selection of brushes. The 5 Set includes the Oval 6, which is a favourite amoung makeup artists for applying foundations, blush, and contour. The Oval 4 and Oval 3 will help you apply eye makeup with ease and perfection. The Linear 1 will apply a thin line of product along the lashes or help perfect the brow shape. And the Circle 1 is wonderful for lip colour application or for applying concealer to small areas of the skin. Artis brushes are made exclusively with CosmeFibre, a revolutionary engineered fibre made for applying cosmetic and makeup products.

My Review: Artis Elite Smoke 5 Brush Set is unlike any type of brushes i’ve ever used to apply makup and the results are outstanding. These brushes are so soft that you almost want to keep rubbing them on your face because they feel so good. I’ve never had my foundation apply so easy and with air brushing like effects. It puts on the most even amount of foundation to your face with very little product use. Linear 1 applied the perfect amount to the lower lash with great precision. I would highly recommend these brushes to anyone looking for easy to apply make up tools and high quality make up brushes. I will continue to use these every time I apply my make up!

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