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SoapSox 50 Things to know ReviewBath time in our house isn’t always fun.  My daughter is bored of her bath toys.  We added this one to the mix since we were given the product for an honest review.  Yes we got to review an item that was on Shark Tank.  do you remember seeing them there.  Well we love it!  We even gave one as a gift to a friend.  I love this thing because it promotes using soap, is fun to play with, and I can throw it in the washing machine to clean it.

My daughter was very excited to start using it.  It is easy to use and there is many options.  The only problem is she wants to sleep with it bed time and it is still wet.  Maybe we need one for bed and one for the bath.  Great product.

SoapSox can be found at Nordstrom, Buy Buy Baby, Bed Bath & Beyond and many other stores around the country and retail for $14.95.  For more information visit Soapsox can also be found on Amazon and shipped free with Amazon Prime Shipping.

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