Snackeez: The Go-Anywhere Snack Solution


I’m sure by now you have seen Snackeez advertise on the television. If you’re like me, you may be thinking, “why in the world would anyone need that?” Well, the makers of Snackeez asked me to test their product and offer my thoughts on it.

First of all, let me say that yes, I have looked at it in the store, and the concept was lost on me. However, when I received my Snackeez and took it out of the box, I was amazed. It really is one of the coolest “snack solution” products I’ve seen in a very long time. You can have your drink and your snack in one hand- and not have to worry about spills and messes.

The snack cup portion screws on to the top of the drink cup portion with an airtight seal, so there’s no worry about the kids spilling their drink in their snack. Also, the lid on the top of the snack cup seals, so snacks stay fresh.

I am looking forward to using this product with my stepson when we travel. I know he’s gonna love it!

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