Safety Through Every Life Season. #MasterLockProtects

MasterLockI have donated blood a few time in college with the American Red Cross.  I think this is a great organization and a much needed thing in our society.  Staying safe and protected is important.

Staying safe in your home is so important.  Each new life stage and season brings new adventures, excitement and memories. It also brings new safety and security considerations. From childhood, to marriage, homeownership, retirement and beyond, Master Lock is there to help protect consumers as their security needs evolve with these memorable life events,” said Rebecca Smith, vice president, marketing for Master Lock.

We use master locks on our shed.  This is one was to protect the contents and have a feeling of safety.  These items are not in our home but still feel safe with master locks.

Safety Through Every Life Season. #MasterLockProtects

If you are interested there is a #MasterLockCares Twitter Party on Tuesday, January 27 at 8 PM ET with @Resourcefulmom. RSVP:

Learn more about Master Lock Protects here.

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