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WL-LogoI got a sample in the mail last week to review.  They have clinically-proven this substance to reduce heavy metals inside your body.  This product has been tested by certified EPA lab to reduce up to 99% of toxins in your water.

Since it is winter, I decided to add some drops to my humidifier in our house.  You never know what lives in the water that we put in the air.  Since I am pregnant, I have my humidifier on all the time.  The water in the air really helps with my dry nose.  Also my families dry noses.  We got temperatures that reached -2 out side last week.  So we have had our humidifier on often.

The company writes ” In Japan, this black mica extract has been used in the treatment for raw sewage and wastewater for agriculture, horticulture and aquatics purposes.”.  Sterilizing any bacteria in my house is important to me.  That is why I thought this product would be great in our humidifier.  I now replace the water daily.  I know there is stuff growing in the container.  So this product makes me feel better about the water that we are putting into the air.

I will continue to use this product over the next couple months.

Water Liberty Research Center

Disclosure:  This was a review but my opinions were my own. sponsored

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