Pur Rescue Squad DD Creme

PUR Rescue Squad DD Cream

My husband and I love to go for rides on his motorcycle- we put close to 300 miles on it on most weekends. My skin is so sensitive though! I always end up getting sunburned, no matter sunscreen I use or how much I apply it.

So, when I got in the Pur Rescue Squad DD Creme- Broad Spectrum SPF 25 sunscreen, I wasn’t really sure how well it could possibly work. Still, I tried it. I put on my eye cream and then a layer of this and then put my makeup on over it most of the time. There have been a few times that I have put just this on and gone.

I have not once gotten sunburned the times that I have used this! It has a very light sunscreen smell, but not overpowering like some products you find. Also, it contains some extra things to make skin soft, smooth, dewy and firm- so that helps too! I love Pur Rescue Squad DD Creme! I would definitely recommend it!!


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