PUR Blue Agave Mask

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Give your skin an energizing boost with this ultra-refreshing blue agave mask. An Energy Complex of green tea, ginseng and Vitamin B helps stimulate the skin’s natural metabolism for the look of plumper, hydrated and refreshed skin. The cooling sensation and uplifting scent will leave your skin feeling totally revived.

More information on purchasing, and videos, visit PUR’s website. MSRP $26.


Apply a thick, opaque layer to clean, dry skin avoiding eye area and lips. Leave mask on for 15-20 minutes or until completely dry. Gently peel off mask in a downward motion from the outer edges and rinse off any residue with warm water. Can be used 2-3 times a week.


First things first, I think this mask was a lot of fun. You certainly feel like you are pampering yourself. The mask smells great, and you are advised to use a thick layer. I smeared the mask all over my face in what I thought was a thick layer, but it later turned out that I should have used more. I will using more of the product the next time I use it to get a thicker layer. Make sure to avoid your eyebrows and your hairline, particularly near the sides of your face. It dried quickly and became somewhat transparent on my face as it dried. As it dried, it tightened on my skin and made it difficult to use my facial muscles.

The peel-off process was tedious and took a while since my layer was not thick enough. It came off in small pieces. It was not painful but you could tell the mask pulled out a few hairs. Bonus, it also pulled out some blackheads! It was similar to peeling off your skin after a bad sunburn, and it may also leave your skin a little red after you peel it all off, as mine was. Some small pieces remained and I was able to remove them with a warm rag. Afterward my skin felt extremely smooth and left my face feeling extra clean. I used toner and moisturized as usual afterward.

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  • Made my skin soft
  • Left my face feeling clean
  • Took impurities from my skin
  • Not tested on animals
  • No animal ingredients
  • No parabéns


  • You have to really use a lot in order to get a thick layer


I definitely recommend this masque!!

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