Phuse Beauty ‘Lets Work It Out’ Comb


Lets-Work-it-Out-Detangling-Comb-P102-AngleTHThis comb is all about getting your hair in tip-top shape. Separating, without tearing or combing out body—this So Smooth Comb really gives your hair a conditioning work out, of course without the sweat.

The Phuse So Smooth combs have been infused with: Argan oil—it’s all about hydrating and repairing damaged hair. Olive oil—shine, shine shine! That’s what the double OO’s will do for your hair. Keratin protein—feed me. Food for your hair, that helps manage and strengthen it—yum.

My Review:

I have always wanted to try one of these combs but always thought they were too pricey… until now! This comb is excellent if your trying to grow your hair long and don’t want to have split ends. It was great to use while my hair was wet right out the shower. I have always read that these combs are great for growing your hair long but I didn’t want to spend around $35 for the competitors price for a comb! This comb is easily affordable and works great. Would recommend this product to others.

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