Phuse Beauty ‘Glow On’ Bronzer Brush



Phuse Beauty ‘Glow On’ Bronzer Brush

“You look fabulous!” “Have you been on holiday?” Just smile and know that you’ve got your Glow On. Tapered angled bristles help create a sun-kissed look that will have people wondering what you do with your free time.

To care for your Phuse makeup brush, use a small dab of gentle, mild soap (What is our definition of a small dab? Half the size of a dime is good. Gentle, mild soap? What you would use on a baby or your face works.), softly rub the soap on the bristles and then run it under warm water, using your fingers to rinse the soap out. Squeeze out the excess water from the bristles and lay brush on a clean towel to dry. Voilà! All clean and pretty.

My Review: Phuse Beauty ‘Glow On’ Bronzer Brush was easy to use with great results. I like to use these type of brushes for contouring and found that the angle of this brush works great. I feel like I actually used less product when contouring my face using this brush. It’s hard to find a good brush like this at such a cheap cost compared to its competitors. Would highly recommend this to others who like to contour their face!

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