Original Squeeze

original squeeze comanySo I have a 11 month old and a 4 year old.  When I got these in the mail, both of them loved them.  They have different spouts and sizes that are perfect for them.  I love the colors and how they are easy to clean.  I only use them for water now.  But they don’t sit perfectly so they may make a mess.

Check out the tops, bottles, and colors they have.  These have worked great in our house.

The NEW Build Your Own Squeeze! Bodies and Rings from The Original Squeeze Company™ allow you and your family to enjoy healthy smoothies, purees, applesauce, or yogurt snacks on the go from a reusable food pouch customized in your favorite color combinations! Mix and match colors to reflect your unique style or mood or use specific colors to easily identify each family member’s Squeeze.  With 16 bold and bright body colors available and 11 ring options, the possibilities are endless! 


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