Mr. Sketch Scented Markers

As a member of the Smiley360 community, I received a package of Mr. Sketch Holiday Stix Scented Markers and a $5 Walmart Gift Card in exchange for this review. Opinions are all my own. 

3 Mr Sketch Marker Sets

I have to admit, when I was growing up, Mr. Sketch markers were my favorite brand of markers (even over Crayola!)- after all, they smelled so good! Since I’ve become an adult, I’d almost forgotten about Mr. Sketch- it seems as though Crayola and other brands have taken over and Mr. Sketch fell by the wayside.

When I was given the chance to do a review on the Mr. Sketch Holiday Stix markers, I was ecstatic- plus, the idea of a $5 Walmart gift card so I could buy more sounded pretty sweet!

Mr. Sketch Holiday Stix

Holiday Stix Front

The Mr. Sketch Holiday Stix are thin markers with a fine point. They come in a 6-pack: Candy Cane, Santa’s Cookie, Christmas Tree, Sugar Plum, Gingerbread, and Chimney.

Holiday Stix BackHoliday Stix Open



These are lots of fun and are great for stocking suffers if you have a little artist in your family! Adults and kids alike are sure to have lots of fun creating holiday crafts with these markers! I love that they’re thin and will draw a fine point. These are available at Walmart.

Mr. Sketch Movie Night Markers

Movie Night Front

These are the classic chunky, chisel-tipped markers I remember from my childhood- in new scents! These are “movie night” scents: blue slushy, chocolate mint, hard candy, root beer, buttery popcorn, and nacho cheese.

Movie Night BackMovie Night Open


As I said, these are the size markers I remember from my childhood- and I love the scents. Doesn’t exactly remind me of being at the movies, but interesting nonetheless. These too, make an excellent gift for the artist in your life! You can get these at Walmart or on Amazon by clicking here.

Mr. Sketch Scented Stix

Traditional Front

These come in a package of 10, in the traditional scents: watermelon, cherry, orange, banana, mint, fruit punch, blueberry, grape, cinnamon, and licorice- but in the Stix version.

Traditional BackTraditional Open


I really do love the Stix version of these markers- so much easier to write with than the chisel tips! So, if you’re like me and you’d like a blast from the past, or maybe you’d like to share some childhood memories with your kids, consider getting these. You can find them at Walmart or on Amazon by clicking this link.



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