Let’s Color Together!


There is no longer an age limit when it comes to coloring books.

Artist Margaret Peot decided to combine the popularity of adult coloring books and the enduring pastime of kids coloring books into Let’s Color Together: A Shareable Coloring Book for Parents and Kids. Ibrings a new level of engagement to the coloring book craze by featuring beautiful spreads specifically designed for two people to color and enjoy at once, and is the perfect opportunity to sit down, connect, and share some fun with your kids! ($14.99).

Each spread in Let’s Color Together features two versions of the same design – one is typically more detailed and intricate than the other – that are laid out so parents and kids can color face-to-face across a table. Let’s Color Together also features perforated pages so families can color side-by-side or display their handiwork!

Available at http://www.margaretpeot.com.

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My niece Lorelei (age 8)  absolutely LOVED doing this with me. She was so interested in what I was doing and enjoyed spending the time with me. My nephew, Cayden (age 6) enjoyed it at first but then got a little frustrated with accidentally coloring outside the lines.

I definitely recommend this book to families, children, and/or adults! It is relaxing to color and you spend quality time with your loved ones in the process 🙂


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