Kiss Everlasting French Nails

KISS Nails

Ladies, the holiday season is right around the corner. If you have holiday parties to attend and you don’t have the time (or the money) to visit the salon and get your nails done- I have the PERFECT solution for you!

KISS Everlasting French glue on nails. Their patented design promises that the white tips will not chip, crack or fade for up to seven days of normal wear. Now, of course, if you’re in a career where you must wash your hands a lot or you’re working outside, your results will most likely vary.

I have used many different brands of glue-on nails and never have I found one that I loved as much as I love these! The great part is, I can get them in the “Real Short” length, so I am able to apply them and they don’t get in the way of my writing. These are perfect for that “just from the salon” look- without the “just from the salon” prices!

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