Jurlique Immersive Rituals Hand Care

I was recently given the opportunity to review Jurlique Immersive Rituals Hand Care products. I was given Rose Hand Cream Handpicked, Citrus, Jasmine, and Lavender hand creams as well as¬† Nail and Cuticle Treatment Oil. Being someone with sensitive skin, I don’t always do well with fragrances. I’ve gotten hand creams from stores and couldn’t use them because of the irritation that was caused. However, I’ve used each Jurlique hand cream that was given to me to try and haven’t had a single problem with any! My mother has similar troubles with her skin and has loved using the products with me. The scents that are in the hand creams are light and beautifully natural. The creams do not leave your skin feeling greasy or sticky but, rather, they leave you skin feeling smooth. Each scent is meant to give some from of healing energy/property. Rose Hand Cream Handpicked for soft and supple skin, Citrus for energy, Jasmine for smooth skin restoration and skin youth, and Lavender for calming. As for the Nail and Cuticle Treatment Oil, it was the first time I’ve ever used it. And I loved this product just as much! I’ve used this products a few times now to make sure and it actually works!! I tend to have brittle nails and after using the treatment oils a few times, my nails feel stronger. Even this products has natural ingredients in it with healing properties!

I can say, full-heartedly, that I will recommend Jurlique Immersive Rituals Hand Carehandcreamtrio_oct15_pdp_2.1474353705 products! I hope you take the opportunity to try them and enjoy Jurlique products as much as I have thus far!

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