John Frieda Curling Iron

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Wild, loose curls come from a curling iron with a larger barrel. This 1¼-inch curling iron features advanced ionic technology, with high heat up to 400°F/205°C and true ceramic technology.

11 professional digital settings allow you to choose the best temperature for your hair type.

Use lower heat setting for fine hair; medium settings for medium hair; the highest settings for coarse or thick hair.

Available at Ulta or John Frieda for $29


I was so excited to try out this curling iron since it had a larger barrel than my other iron; I wanted to achieve more soft, wavy curls. I was happy to find that there were multiple heat settings, and later found that you will not accidentally turn off the device or adjust the heat setting when you inevitably press buttons during use. The screen will flash while the temperature is being adjusted, then “lock” and stay the temperature at which you set it after it stops flashing. The iron quickly heated up, I first used it at 330 degrees, but then adjusted it to 400 because it seemed to help my curls stay better. Usually the tip of a curling iron stays cool enough to touch as your hair is wrapped up in the iron, but the tip got a little hotter than I could stand, so I avoided touching it.

I also found that because I have long hair, a whole strand of my hair could not be curled at once, I had to curl the bottom of my hair, then top separately. This was fine with me because I usually straighten the top of my hair and curl only my ends anyway. Depending on the amount of curl you are looking for, I recommend adjusting the amount of time the iron spends on each section of hair. For more formed curls, leave the iron on your hair for a longer amount of time, and for looser, wavy curls, I found my hair only needed to be in the iron for about 5-8 seconds. I also ran a brush through my hair afterward to loosen the curls even more. After I was finished I was left with beautiful, loose, smooth curls/waves that actually held up into the next day! So I sprayed some dry shampoo in my roots and rocked those waves another day!


  • Heats up quickly
  • Curls held up through the next day
  • Multiple heat settings
  • Produced soft, loose curls
  • Does not turn off when you accidentally press buttons during use


  • Would not curl my hair from root to tip
  • Tip gets too warm to touch

I would recommend this curling iron to anyone trying to achieve a variety of different curls from formed curls to loose beachy waves – and at a reasonable price!


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