Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer



Your face makes up only 10% of your skin

Unless you have a huge head.

Give the other 90% of your body some love with JERGENS® Wet Skin™ Moisturizer—
a revolutionary formula designed to apply to wet skin before you dry off.
Wet skin naturally soaks in moisture faster. Absorbs 2x faster* for 24-HR soft skin. (*vs. ordinary lotion)

That’s why we developed our oil-infused Wet Skin™ Moisturizer to work when skin is most receptive to moisture. It blends with water on wet skin to instantly lock in hydration. Skin looks softer straight out of the shower, so you can be ready faster!

This quick-absorbing formula hydrates and nourishes, and is available in 5 scents.

More information can be found at . Available at Walmart. $6.99 for 10 oz.


First off, I will start by saying the most difficult thing about this moisturizer is stopping yourself from drying off after getting out of the shower. I cannot tell you how many times I intended on using this wet skin lotion, only to realize I needed to leave my skin wet after towel drying the majority of my skin. Now, that being said, I liked this product much more than I thought I would. I did not think it would work as well as lotion. But I was wrong.

I love that it saves me the step of towel drying after a shower (if I remember to resist the urge). The Wet Skin Moisturizer does not have the same consistency as lotion, it feels more like a body wash, which feels odd on your skin at first. After your skin air dries, it still doesn’t quite feel like you’ve applied lotion to your skin, it still feels a little bit like you’ve rubbed body wash on your skin. It does absorb quickly, though, and once it has absorbed into your skin, you are left with soft, hydrated skin!


  • Saved me time getting ready
  • Great moisturization
  • Pleasant smell
  • Not tested on animals


  • None!


Definitely recommend! Save time in your morning routine and shake things up a bit!

Katie Pierce

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