Good Health Veggie and Gluten Free Pretzels

unnamedOctober is National Pretzel Month.  I did not know that did you?  I was asked to review these pretzels for an honest review.  My family loved them.  My husband has to be gluten free for health reasons so we have tried many different gluten free pretzels before.  These were are favorite.  Nice and crunchy.

Of course I was the only one who tried the veggie pretzels.  If you can hide vegetables in anything I eat, that is great.  Well these tasted good.  I did get an onion flavor a little which I actually liked.  Loved them both.    Good Health

  • Veggie Pretzels – Thick pretzel sticks baked to perfection that are packed with dehydrated veggies and added Extra Goodness!, each sprinkled with Himalayan salt renowned for its health benefits and high mineral content.
  • Gluten Free Pretzels – Certified Gluten Free pretzel twists made with Extra Goodness!, whole grain brown rice flour and bamboo plant fiber that creates a satisfyingly salty, crunchy bite.

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