Flips Audio: Take Your Music Listening from Solitary to Social


I absolutely love listening to music and sharing it with my friends and family. I have to admit, I am really excited about these headphones! Flips Audio allows you to take your music listening from a solitary activity to a social one. Share your music with your friends with ease- simply flip the earphones out and voila- you have speakers!

Today, I was at home working, and I tried them out by hooking them to my computer and using them as speakers to amplify the sound. They worked so much better than my computer speakers!

These headphones offer hi-def sound, and are very comfortable to wear. You can adjust the headband as necessary and every surface that you come in contact with is lined with plush memory foam. When you flip the speakers away from your ears, they amplify the sound, becoming powerful speakers. Also, they are perfect for those who are always on the go- they come with their very own carrying case and fold up nicely to fit into it.

The sound is powered by a very powerful lithium polymer battery that is USB rechargeable for hours of listening. Get your hands on a set of these today- you’ll be so glad you did!!

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