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Fake Bake Amplify – So much more than just a daily gradual tanner, this product has been created to work in three ways for achieving gloriously golden skin – whatever the time of year. In true Fake Bake style, we’ve combined cutting edge technology, innovative approach and a wealth of product development experience and knowledge in the lab to create another must have product.

Fake Bake calls it the triple threat.

Boost – Containing an active plant based agent that is proven to increase the skins melanin production, this can be applied before sun exposure. Skin will tan quicker, deeper and last longer.

 Intensify – Contains gradual tanners that give skin a rich golden glow. Apply daily to create long lasting and deeper results; this streak free formulation will give ‘that glow’ we all long for and extend the life of your natural tan.

Perfect – Luxuriously creamy but surprisingly light, this works to hydrate the skin leaving a skin perfecting veil that blurs minor imperfections and creates an even, youthful canvas, Use to create leg perfection when posing by the poolside.

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Dubbed ‘The Party Tan’, Fake Bake’s 5 Minute Mousse Self-Tan with its super-quick, speed-dry formula is your secret weapon to transform yourself in just 5 minutes whatever the occasion. Nobody likes to be late for a party and when cocktails are calling this top NEW product will take you from poolside to party or desk to dance floor in a flash.

The perfect partner you can truly rely on, this non-transfer formula means your new golden glow stays put keeping your whites bright. Underneath the believably bronzed instant color, a long lasting tan will continue to develop, ready to be unveiled when showered off – leaving you looking just as fabulous in the morning as you did the night before.

Fake Bake’s 5 Minute Mousse brand NEW ‘color lockdown’ formula gives an instant, deep, luxurious color for a tan that is ‘ready to wear’. Simply apply, dry, dress and go!

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Fake Bake Flawless Self-Tan Liquid is applied in effortless, gliding strokes for a perfectly even tan. The cosmetic guide color gives an instant tan and makes the application even easier. The fast drying, fast absorbing, transfer resistant formula enables wear throughout the day.

Contains tanning agents and is pleasantly fragranced with a tropical scent.

Includes application gloves, mitt and step-by-step application advice.

($24,$29, & $26.50 at FakeBake.com)


At first I was skeptical, I was worried about looking orange like the vast majority of self-tanners leave your skin. The first of the three that I used was Amplify. My husband and I were preparing for our cruise to Central America, and for me, that meant start indoor tanning since my skin had not seen sunlight in months. I used Amplify as a gradual self tanner before I started using it in the tanning bed. In order to adequately see results, I only applied it to one of my legs. After about 4 applications there was a subtle but noticeable difference between my legs. My left leg was more bronze, not at all orange, and my skin tone was more even. After that point I wanted my legs to match, so I began using it all over my body before each tanning session. My skin was more moisturized and it helped me achieve a deeper tan than I would have gotten without it. My ONLY complaint about Amplify is that it smells great before it comes in contact with your skin, but once it gets rubbed around on your skin it begins to take on the classic “self-tan” smell. Oh well, small price to pay. I also recommend washing your hands after each application so that color does not start to develop on your palms.

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The 5 Minute Mousse was first tried out on our actual cruise. The day we were in Belize, the weather was cloudy, so needless to say, I did not get much sun exposure that day. To make up for it, I decided to give myself a quick spray tan 🙂 The gloves are worn in order to protect the palms of your hands from staining. After exfoliating in the shower and before applying lotion, slip on the gloves and shake the bottle. Take your time when applying the mousse to your skin. Pay close attention to every section of your skin. It is easy to miss spots or not rub it in all the way, which causes dark spots. I even applied it to my face. You may apply more than one layer in order to darken the color. I was brave and wore a white gown that night. Luckily for me there was absolutely no color transfer onto the material. This stuff smells great, too by the way.

 At this point I had only applied it to my left leg so that you could see the difference. As you can see, it is more bronze, and my skin tone is more even.

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Flawless Self Tan Liquid was perfect for the week after the cruise when my tan began to fade. After showering and exfoliating, I sprayed the liquid on the provided mitt and applied it to my skin. Since the instructions did not say anything about using your own moisturizer afterward, I did not use one at all; I was surprised that my skin really did not need one – it usually does! Flawless was so easy to apply, and it absorbed into my skin quickly. I took my time on each body part, and even applied more than one layer to deepen the tan. I went to bed shortly after, and the only color transfer I noticed was on the band of my sports bra. My other clothes were light enough that I would have been able to see it if it had transferred, and as for the sheets, they are dark red so I am not sure if the tanner rubbed off on those. The next morning I showered the color guard off and not too much went down the drain. I did not use any soap or a loofa, just water and my hands. After the shower I patted dry and moisturized as usual. The tan was even, not at all blotchy, and not at all orange. My husband even complimented me 🙂

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I will say that during the 6-8 hours it absorbs into your skin, avoid water at all costs. A drip of water ran across my upper leg and you could see exactly where it was. It looked worse before I washed the color guard off though.


  • Gave my skin an incredible tan
  • Evened my skin tone
  • Easy to use
  • Lasted several days
  • Did not transfer onto clothes
  • Organic ingredients – no parabens or artificial preservatives
  • Healthy alternative to exposing skin to UV rays


  • Amplify developed the classic “self-tan” smell

I cannot tell you enough how great these products were. Each of them exceeded my expectations and left me with a gorgeous and natural looking tan. I highly recommend these if you have an upcoming event that you would like to be tan for, or want to supplement/maintain your existing tan.

I will absolutely be repurchasing them when I run out!

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