Cave Tools Smoker Box


5 Giant Reasons Why Cave Tools Has the Best Wood Smoking Box on the Market:

1. Extremely Durable – Thicker stainless steel reduces warping & increases the lifespan of your smoker box

2. Hinged Lid For Easy Access – Never fumble around with a hot lid again when adding more wood chips

3. Large Wood Chip Capacity – More wood means thicker smoke for your meat

4. Perfectly Sized – Fits between flavorizer bars and grill grates or directly on top of charcoal

5. Chips Smolder Instead of Burn – No holes on the bottom prevents chips from lighting on fire

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It is also available on Amazon: 228&keywords=gifts+for+dad&m=A3IEEDMWTA8OSP&tag=hyacinth18-20


Contrary to the most popular use of this product (smoking meat), I use this smoker box to smoke ice. If you are a whiskey drinker, adding smoked ice to your whiskey brings the flavor to a whole new level.

Fill the smoker box with your favorite flavor wood chips, set a deep pan full of ice next to the smoker box. Close the grill lid with the grill lit, and leave the ice for about 20 minutes or until the ice has fully melted into water. Once melted, remove from the grill and pour the water into your preferred ice mold. Once re-frozen, take your smoked ice chunk, and pour your favorite whiskey over it. So simple and so delicious!

What I really liked about the smoker box is that it can turn your grill into a smoker. It gives good flavor to the ice, is simple to use, and is very sturdy.


  • Perfectly smokes ice!
  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • None

Have you ever tried smoked ice to enhance the flavor of your whiskey or cocktail?


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