Boogie Mist & Fresh Boogie Wipes Review And Giveaway!

unnamed (2)I admit, I don’t like medicine.  I try not to take it.  I also try not to give my little one medicine often either.  But sometimes it is just worth it.  With a closed up nose my little one has trouble sleeping.  But with this mist (salt and water) my little one can have a clear nose and get some sleep.  If I let her hold the container it is easier to use.  I have her name on it so we only use one per person in the house.

From the company:  Boogie Mist gentle saline nasal mist helps soothe and clear nasal passages with nothing

more than the power of non-medicated, all natural saline. Sterile saline helps flush

blockage from the nose while moisturizing tender skin. Available in grape and fresh scent

Schnozzles, Boogie Mist will have parents and children alike breathing a collective sigh

of relief.

This giveaway include:

1 – 3 oz Boogie Mist
1 – 10 count Grape Boogie Wipes
1 – 10 count Fresh Boogie Wipes
Miscellaneous coupons and samples

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