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The patent-pending Artis® Premier Brush Cleaning Pad is the modern approach to cleaning makeup brushes. The special plush antimicrobial-treated Microfibre Cloth has approximately one million fibres per square inch, which help gently grab and remove makeup product residue from the brush fibres without causing damage to the brush fibre itself. Designed for frequent use, the microfibre cloth is treated to create an antimicrobial environment to help keep your brushes fresh. The chrome plated lid and base of the unit is a rigid metal frame with magnetic closure which helps hold the cloth platform in place so that the user can simply stroke/wipe the brushes across the surface of the cloth to clean and freshen.

This superior cleanser dispenses as a foam to help the cleansing ingredients work around each fibre of the brush without over soaking the fibre bundle. The bubble action cleans and helps the brushes dry within minutes. The foam not only cleanses, but also sanitizes while it works. Designed for frequent use, this unique formula leaves your brushes cleansed, sanitized and fresh smelling. 50 mL. To use:  Press the cap down to dispense foam onto the fibre bundle of the brush or onto a microfibre cloth or moist paper towel. Wipe the fibre bundle back and forth across the microfibre cloth or towel until the cosmetic residue is released from the fibres, and all foam residue is thoroughly removed from the fibres. Re-shape the fibre bundle into the desired shape and let dry. If over time a slight cleanser residue accumulates on the fibres, simply rinse the fibres under some clean water, re-shape and let dry.

More info visit: Artis cleaning pad and Artis cleaning foam


I love that the metal cleaning pad is heavy so there is limited sliding back and forth when cleaning brushes. I also like that the pad can be washed, and replaced with wear and tear. What I love most of all is how well it cleans my brushes.

Prior to receiving this Artis brush cleaning system, I was the type of person that only washed their brushes about twice a year (longer than I care to admit). Now, especially the eye brushes, I clean my brushes about every other day. The foam is not even necessary each time. Between eyeshadow applications simply rubbing the brushes on the dry cloth cleans it well enough that the colors do not transfer when I am using a different shadow color.

The foam smells wonderful. I actually find myself smelling the pad even days after using the foam. It smells so fresh and clean. Just one small pump is needed in order to “deep” clean your brushes. It also dries quickly.


I definitely recommend the Artis brush cleaning system!!

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