Aqueduck single handle Extender/Faucet Extender Review

IMG_7726September is Baby Safety Month and a new mom invented solution is keeping little ones safe in the bathroom! A new handle extender keeps the temperature just right and makes it easy for kids reach the water. No more reaching, climbing and slipping in the bathroom.

Aqueduck Single Handle Extender attaches to the faucet and controls hot and cold water flow and keeps the water temperature just right! The fun extender makes it easy for kids to access water and is a great safety feature to eliminate reaching and climbing to grasp the handles.  The line now includes the Single Handle Extender and Double Handle Extender to allow kids to reach the knobs on the faucet.

Aqueduck Faucet Extender makes it easier for children to reach the water. Easy to attach and easily fits in a bag or purse for use in public bathrooms.

I really love this product.  I love that my child can do more on her own.  The only issue is I do not have the correct handle on my faucsets (upstairs or downstairs bathroom) for this product.  The faucet extender worked out great in the upstairs bathroom.  My daughter can soon use the faucet from the floor without a stool.  The colors are fun but definitely don’t blend in with the other colors.


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