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logoPosted by Wajiha S on 14.7.2017

Whether you’re a lover of automobiles or have simply accepted them as an everyday necessity, chances are that you’ve either thought of buying one, or at least have wanted to scroll through your odds of doing so. Enter ‘‘ – a website, as its domain suggests, doing its level best to make the job easier on you.

Firstly, the load time of the webpage on my browser was snappy therefore fantastic. Straight from the home page, you can dive right in to what you’re on the site for. Whether it’s a casual browse through car listings, figuring out what to do with your older ride, or just a quick read about the latest automobiles, there’s an expansive home page waiting to transport you wherever you need to go.

The most relevant features of the website that average users like you and I would need are those that I have broken down and elaborated upon below:


If you’re looking to buy a new car, you can make a general search specifying literally just the price you’re looking for and the website will show you all the listings applicable. This is great for getting an idea about what kind of deals you’ll find within your budget.

You could, however, also make the search as bespoke as you like. From make and model to body style to interior/exterior colors, you can narrow down the sieve to as fine a texture as you please, and you’ll still have one roadster or the other to match your taste.

Your search will also always specify how far each listing is from the ZIP code that you provide.

Moreover, the site gets even more extensive. Once you find a listing that you’re interested in, not only does each webpage show you the usual ‘car specs, etc;’ – it also gives you additional perks, such as:

  • The ‘price comparison’ tool, which shows you a graph of different listings of the exact same car that you’re seeing, along with their prices and mileage.
  • A link that shows you whether any recalls have been made for the car you’re browsing through (using its Vehicle Identification Number). This is an excellent safety measure and ensures you’re well aware of the internal condition of the car that you’re checking out.
  • A link that directs you to message the dealer about financing of the car, plus a built-in monthly-cost calculator for your personal convenience.



When you’re looking to part with your carriage for the best price attainable, ‘’ gives you a range of resources to help you out. They have a dedicated  ‘How to sell your car’ page which gives you a list of all the documents that you need when selling your car, all the tests and checks that you should carry out, and everything else you could possibly need to know about the same.

They also provide a toolkit that is admittedly fun to fill out. It gives you a rough estimate about how much your car could go for – you just need to fill in the form with details about your car and voila! You get a price range that your car could fall within, depending on whether you choose to make a listing of it or sell it to a dealer.

Furthermore, you also get the link to directly sell your car on the website – again, via listing or selling to a dealer. The former could score you more money but take more time, while the latter can be done within hours albeit for a smaller deposit in your pocket.


For an average Joe like myself, a good-old, well-made website will always be mighty worthy of one’s time. Fortunately, ‘’ is exactly that – an extensive, highly elaborate auto-catalog that shows you car prices, will help you buy or sell one, and does a very neat job of it too.

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