$100-a-Year Cell Phone Bill for Moms – Switching to T-Mobile


My husband and I don’t like monthly bills.  Well we don’t like bills in general!  As  stay-at-home Mom a $50 cell phone bill was not a good thing.  I only really talk to my Mom on the phone most of the time.  So here is how I have $100 a year cell phone bill.
The first thing I did was get a T-Mobile $100 pay as you go plan.  The plan in 1,000 minutes for $100.  That is about 3 minutes a day.  That means when I am away from my house I can only use the phone for emergencies.  I use it to see where we might have lunch or in the car incase something happens.  Since I am a Mom I don’t talk on my cell phone in the car because that is dangerous!  I ended up getting a phone similar to this one.

This year I will only pay $100 for my phone plan.    Last year I paid $50 a month or $600!  I have many other places I would like to use that extra cash like vacation!  I am very glad I switched from Verizon to T-mobile.  The savings is great, the service has been fine, and I love saving money.

(Image taken from T-Mobile Phone).

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